Reliable and efficient measurement of DED powder caustics

PowderSpy is an advanced sensor product enabling reliabe and efficient measurement of DED powder caustics. Powder feeding is an essential puzzle piece in every DED application and requires frequent check-ups to avoid unnecessary downtime caused by undetected nozzle wear, poor powder flowability or loss of feeding gas.

PowderSpy measures and visualizes:

Why PowderSpy is a must-have for industrial and academic DED users:

PowderSpy's lightweight user-interface is browser-based, usable with any mobile device and requires no software installation. It holds databases for measurements, nozzles, powders and users. Measurements can be configured for multi-material feeding.

Delivery Time

< 3 months

List Price


Customized algorithms

on request


over the air

What our customers can expect

Demonstration, measurement services, documentation

Our engineering team is happy to introduce PowderSpy technology during an on-site demo. If you’re looking for a detailed analysis of your setup, we offer sophisticated measurement services to leverage improvements along the powder gas track. With PowerSpy’s advanced documentation capabilities, this becomes a routine procedure. An exemplary report is available for download here. We look forward to receiving your request.