Coating, Additive Manufacturing, Remanufacturing:

When exceptional requirements have to be met

The Ponticon pE3D system is unique in that it for the very first time enables industrial leverage of the advantages of high-speed Directed Energy Deposition (DED) without geometrical restrictions. 

It is the system of choice for applications in which exceptionally high wear, corrosion and high-temperature resistance is demanded and conventional AM, coating and remanufacturing processes have physical limits. This may be the case, when application-specific materials are to be used, high deposition rates are demanded or the finishing effort is to be minimized.

3DMD technology has virtually no limits to the choice of materials. As the system allows for cooling rate modification within an unprecedented range, it can produce metallic components with microstructures that are extremely resistant to wear, corrosion and high temperatures. The parallel kinematics engineered for the pE3D system makes it possible to achieve high process speeds and excellent precision at the same time. pE3D is the only system in the world to use the benefits of the 3DMD process for additive manufacturing, coating and repair of highly complex components. 






Ultra-resistant coatings that can protect surfaces of virtually any shape

With pontiCOAT®, most different alloys and elements can be deposited on metallic components. The deposited materials establish a metallurgical bonding with the coated surface and hence exhibit an outstanding bond strength. Consequently, the coatings are extremely firmly bonded with the substrate material. Thus, they can fulfill the most exacting demands in terms of wear, corrosion and high-temperature resistance. While in operation, the pE3D system can be moved in up to 5 axes, enabling the local coating of complex three-dimensional components. 


High-performance components manufactured at high speed

In Additive Manufacturing, pontiBUILD® excels in terms of the versatility of materials it can process and the high deposition rates it achieves. The benefits for the user: time-saving, high-precision manufacturing of components for the most demanding of uses. What is a contradiction in other additive manufacturing processes becomes standard with pontiBUILD®. Due to the high flexibility in the selection and combinations of different materials, component properties can be adapted locally and precisely. Exactly as required by the associated application. 


Back in shape for extreme use

pontiFIX® is the perfect solution for the pinpoint repair of components damaged as a result of broken-off metal or worn metallic surfaces. For the repair, the workpiece carrier positions the affected area of the component exactly in the printing position. The system can fill up the void with virtually any alloy required or deposit a new layer on the worn surface. As the heat transfer into the basic material is minimal, the components’ material properties are not affected during the process. As the pE3D system can be moved in up to 5 axes, all kinds of three-dimensional components can be remanufactured.