Coating, Additive Manufacturing, Remanufacturing:

When exceptional requirements have to be met

Ponticon's 3DMD (Dynamic Material Deposition) technology enables the utilization of high-speed Directed Energy Deposition for coating, additive manufacturing and repair of complex metallic components. For this, we combine productivity, precision and material flexibility using individually configurable manufacturing systems.

It is the system of choice for applications in which exceptionally high wear, corrosion and high-temperature resistance is demanded and conventional AM, coating and remanufacturing processes have physical limits. This may be the case, when application-specific materials are to be used, high deposition rates are demanded or the finishing effort is to be minimized.

3DMD technology offers almost limitless flexibility in the choice of materials. In addition, the selectively controlled cooling rate gives highly stressed metallic components a microstructure that is extremely resistant to wear, corrosion and high temperatures.


Protect metal surfaces against wear, corrosion and high temperatures or apply a decorative finish: locally and highly productive.

Additive Manufacturing

Produce thin-walled and bulk components on arbitrarily shaped surfaces: maximum productivity, precision and material flexibility.


Sensor-based geometry acquisition, semi-automated toolpath planning and deposition of delicate layers: enable economical component repair while retaining the required engineering properties.

Ultra-resistant coatings that can protect surfaces of virtually any shape

Ponticon 3DMD technology is used to apply a wide variety of alloys to metallic components in a material-bonding process. The resulting coatings meet the highest requirements for wear resistance and corrosion as well as temperature resistance. Since our manufacturing systems are designed modularly depending on the degrees of freedom required on the component side, the coating can be applied locally to complex components with a high resolution.

High-performance components manufactured at high speed

In additive manufacturing, the 3DMD process enables a wide variety of materials to be processed at a high deposition rate. The result is high-performance components that are manufactured with unprecedented precision in a short time. What is a contradiction in other additive manufacturing processes becomes a standard with our technologies. Due to the high flexibility in the selection and combinations of different materials, component properties can be adapted locally and precisely. Exactly as required by the associated application. 

Back in shape for extreme use

3DMD is the perfect fit for the targeted repair of components where metal has broken off or worn over a wide area. The area to be repaired is precisely captured before a suitable alloy systems is applied. The heat input is minimal, and the material properties of the component remain unchanged. In this way, components are restored for continued use in a resource-saving manner.