3DMD Dynamic Material Deposition

New dimensions in Directed Energy Deposition

The pE3D system operates with linear kinematics that has been specifically designed for the 3DMD process.

3DMD: fast, precise and flexible.

Using Ponticon's 3DMD Dynamic Material Deposition technology, alloys of almost any composition can be deposited on metallic and ceramic components. For the first time, the pE3D system enables this technology at an industrial scale without limitations regarding workpiece geometry. As a result, 3DMD is perceived as a game-changing manufacturing technology in both the public and scientific domain.

In additive manufacturing, coating and repair applications , the pE3D system excels in terms of the way it combines ultra-high process speed with highest precision – two things that have so far been incompatible in conventional DED processes.

The pontiMAT® Technology for agile alloy development dramatically reduces the effort involved in conventional sample melting and analysis methods.


Coating rates up to 1,000 cm²/min
Build-up rates up to 600 cm³/min


Filigree 3D structures with wall thicknesses down to 500 µm and roughness depths of approx. 10 µm


Virtually unlimited combinations of alloys and elements

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The 3DMD process is used for the coating and additive manufacturing of highly stressed, metallic components.


With the pE3D system, ponticon sets new standards in terms of productivity and precision in Directed Energy Deposition processes.


Innovative mechanical engineering "Made in Germany" meets process know-how and 100% customer orientation.

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Users of 3DMD technology

"With the pE3D system from ponticon, we are able to use the Extreme High Speed Laser Cladding EHLA process developed and patented at the Fraunhofer ILT for coating, repair and additive manufacturing of three-dimensional components for the first time."


Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, Aachen, Head of Business Unit LMD

"Agile, digital materials research is the basis for innovations in countless industries. Ponticon's 3DMD technology and pE3D system will help us to significantly advance and shape the topic of Rapid Alloy Development (RAD) in the future."


RWTH Aachen University Digital Additive Production DAP, Head of Institute

"We consider 3DMD to be an ideal process for the Application Center for Additive Manufacturing at the TU Kaiserslautern. Together with ponticon, we enable regional SMEs to access a highly innovative manufacturing technology that ultimately serves to create unique selling points in global markets."


TU Kaiserslautern Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Production Systems, Head of Institute


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Update from the lab

📢 Update from the lab 📢 – total printing time for all 6 parts < 2.5h– 600 µm thin-walled geometries...

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