New dimensions in laser metal deposition

pE3D: fast, precise and flexible.

With High-Speed Laser Deposition Welding (EHLA process), alloys of any elemental compositions can be deposited on metallic and ceramic substrates or components. The pE3D system makes it possible for the first time to use this technology at an industrial-scale also on components that are not rotationally symmetrical.

High deposition rates – highest precision

In additive manufacturing and coating and repair applications, the pE3D system excels in terms of the way it combines high process speed with ultra-high precision – two things that have so far been incompatible in conventional processes   > learn more

Rapid development of innovative alloying systems

The pontimat system for agile alloy development dramatically reduces the alloy development effort involved in conventional sample melting and analysis methods.   > learn more

The pE3D system operates with linear kinematics that has been specifically designed for this process.

What the experts say:

The benefits at a glance


Coating rates up to 600 cm²/min.


Filigree 3D structures with wall thicknesses down to 500 µm and roughness depths of approx. 10 µm


Virtually unlimited combinations of alloys and elements