Machines and Services

pE3D - Coating, repair and additive manufacturing in three dimensions

Ponticon's pE3D-system has been developed for applications with unprecedented performance. The built-in high-performance components combine precision and speed and therefore enable the application of 3D-EHLA technology for coating, repair and additive manufacturing in a large assembly space.

Paired with a flexible control concept, an intuitive user interface and an application-oriented CAM module, the diverse possibilities of 3D-EHLA technology can be used flexibly. Countless material combinations and alloy compositions are available to the user, especially those that can not be processed using traditional processes for coatings and additive manufacturing.



Tailored solutions for 3D-EHLA technology

Special tasks require individual solutions. As an innovative company with profound process expertise, unique industry knowledge as well as high competence in mechanical engineering, we are able to proficiently and reliably support your project regarding industrial coating, repair and additive manufacturing. We enhance machines with additional axes, intelligent sensor technology, or scale them to the individual requirements of your product and process. For that we coorperate with selected development partners, for example in the field of powder feeding, machine kinematics and process-specific toolpath planning.

You may acquire our pE3D machine as a conventional asset. If required, we also offer tailored production services, as well as the possibility to lease our machines.
That way, we can flexibly deliver solutions within any production cycle, for fluctuating demands as well as on-demand spare part production. We look forward to developing the suitable contract model for your project.