Coating, Repair and Additive Manufacturing

Production of high-performance components

The systems and process expertise of ponticon enables industry-grade application of 3D-EHLA technology for the first time. This technology is utilized whenever special requirements regarding wear, corrosion and temperature resistance of high-performance components cannot be achieved with conventional methods for coatings, repair and additive manufacturing due to limited material availability, insufficient build-up rates or too much post-processing effort. Applications are rooted in turbomachinery, aerospace, tooling, mining, oil&gas and automotive industry as well as in generation and storage of renewable energy.

Depending on the application, the pontiCOAT®, pontiFIX® or pontiBUILD® technologies are used with an application-specific material.

Application Examples


pontiCOAT: Corrosion protection with 316L

  • Layer Height: 200 µm
  • Feed rate: 80 m/min
  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • Surface rate: 600 cm²/min 
  • Smooth surface, minimum dilution

pontiCOAT: Wear and corrosion protection through tungsten carbide in Ni-base alloy

  • Layer height: 1.8 mm (10 layers)
  • Feed rate: 50 m/min
  • Duration: 2.5 minutes
  • Surface rate: 100 cm²/min 
  • 55 % tungsten carbide content