3D metal parts:
fast, precise, flexible.

Ponticon develops and offers machinery to join materials that cannot be processed using conventional methods. The highly dynamic pE3D system enables industry-grade coatings, repair and additive manufacturing of metallic components.

In addition, ponticon solutions are setting new standards in the field of Rapid Alloy Development. Users benefit from the properties of the manufacturing process used and our expertise when testing innovative, application-oriented material systems with lowest effort. In addition, the system concept, which is designed for maximum flexibility, promises to master all variants of laser-based buildup welding.

With unique expertise in the fields of materials, process development and industrial applications we enable our clients to profitably manufacture sustainable, efficient and highly durable components: from lot size one to full series production. Kindly reach out to arrange an individual feasibility study.



The highly dynamic kinematics of the pE3D system enables surface rates up to 500 cm²/min.


Reproducible production of filigree 3D-structures with a minimum wall thickness of 300 μm and roughness of about 10 μm.


Combination of diverse alloy systems and elementary metals and access to all laser-based DED processes